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Conventional motor oil vs. synthetic motor oil 

Any time you have gotten your oil changed, you have probably been asked whether you want conventional or synthetic oil. Once you hear the price difference, you might instinctively opt for the conventional oil. But if you’re told that synthetic oil is better, you might have gone with that instead. Why is this the case? What’s the difference? Keep reading to find out. 

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How are conventional oil and synthetic oil person pouring oil into enginedifferent? 

From a shopper’s perspective, the most obvious difference is the price. An oil change service done with synthetic oil may be twice as expensive as an oil change service with conventional oil. Why would people pay so much more for a different kind of engine oil? It’s simple. Synthetic oil is better for your engine in every way. It is much more refined, acts as a better lubricant, and contributes to greater performance. It also offers better protection in extreme heat and cold. Cars with synthetic oil generally don’t have to be serviced as often, either. We recommend that you use synthetic oil at all times. 

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