2021 Toyota RAV4 Prime red headlights in the rain

Toyota headlight features and options

What is Toyota adaptive front lighting?

If you’ve been picking through Toyota feature lists, then you may have noticed a feature called adaptive front lighting. What is Toyota adaptive front lighting? We’ll answer that and explore some other lighting features as well.

2020 Toyota Camry red headlight closeup

How does Toyota adaptive front lighting work?

Adaptive front lighting isn’t a new technology, but it never saw as widespread of an application as you can now find represented in the Toyota lineup. Most models have it either standard or as an available option at higher trim levels.

That’s wonderful, but what is it and how does it work? Essentially, your headlights listen to your steering wheel to adjust the horizontal angle of your headlights to match the curve of the road. Now the inside of every corner can find the illumination it needs in the dark.

Specifically, the adaptive front lighting system will pitch your low beams toward the inside of the corner. Toyota also limits how much your left-hand light can turn to avoid blinding oncoming traffic with stray light.

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2021 Toyota Corolla front view at night with headlights

What are automatic high beams?

Other headlight tech that actually comes standard on most Toyota models is called automatic high beams. Its name really describes what the tech does, but essentially, it employs a forward-looking camera to detect both oncoming traffic and the taillights of traffic going the same direction.

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Using that information, it will decide when to turn on high beams and when to turn them off. This is not just important for your safety but for the safety of other drivers. You can still manually override this feature at any time, but with it enabled, you’ll avoid building your fellow drivers accidentally.

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