What are the Disadvantages of using Gas Station Squeegee?

How safe is it to use the squeegee at gas stations?

The whole idea of using the gas station squeegee is an unclean procedure. The process involves a blue solution in the reservoir, a simple alcohol-based glass cleaner mixed with water. Multiple people use the same mixture of fluid in the tub to squeegee to lift bugs, mud, oil, and gasoline from their vehicle, which makes the tub more crud than detergent. Pouring new cleaner into the trough, mixes with soiled gunk accumulated at the bottom. Those basins are never cleaned out, so the residue that falls into them stays there until it attaches to the sponge on the cleaning wand. However, using the same gas station squeegee for different vehicles is not an appropriate option as it does not help in the cleansing of the car. Keep reading the blog curated by Toyota of Lancaster in Lancaster, CA, to learn why you should not use gas station squeegees to wash off your car.

Reasons to Avoid Using Gas Station Squeegee

Below mentioned are the reasons to avoid using the gas station squeegee to wash your car:

  • Leads to Paint Scratch – Soap and water are the safest ways to wash your car. Avoid using a gas station squeegee to wash the exterior of your vehicle. The sponge on the squeegee has rocks or any small, jagged surface inside it, which scratches your paint. The solution in the water is made with window cleaning detergents and does not have enough lubrication to wash your vehicle’s exterior properly. Therefore, use only safe methods to clean your car.

  • The Squeegee and Water are Filthy – The wash containers holding the squeegee are black because the water inside them is filthy. Finding a clean solution for everything from engine oil to bug guts to brake dust is hard. Dirty water guarantees dull streaks on your windshield and will most likely make your windscreen look far worse.

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