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Oil Change Service in Lancaster, CA

The most common reason vehicle owners will take their vehicle in for service is for an oil change, which needs to be done routinely to keep the engine from breaking down over time. Wondering where you can take your vehicle for oil change service in Lancaster, CA? Our team at Toyota of Lancaster, located at 43301 12th St. W. in Lancaster, CA, can help drivers with all their service needs, including oil changes.

Because engines are made up of many moving parts, oil is placed in the engine system to reduce heat buildup and lubricate the major mechanisms involved. Over time, the oil found in your vehicle will get old and external contaminants will make the oil dirty. Old oil is unable to properly lubricate the engine’s various systems, which can cause complications over time.

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How Frequently Does a Vehicle Require an Oil Change?

Automotive experts typically recommend that a vehicle’s oil be changed every 5,000 miles, but every make and model is different. Detailed information about your vehicle’s suggested maintenance schedule can be found inside the owner’s manual. If a vehicle goes for an extended period of time without an oil change, it runs the risk of overheating, suffering from reduced performance and lowered fuel efficiency.

Toyota of Lancaster is home to a state-of-the-art service center, staffed by a large team of automotive technicians. Our team will be happy to help drivers in and around the Lancaster area with any of their automotive maintenance needs, including oil changes. Drivers can even schedule an appointment for their oil change service through the Toyota of Lancaster website.

In addition to oil changes, the Toyota of Lancaster Service Center can also assist drivers with: Battery inspection and replacement, wiper blade replacement, air conditioning system repair, cabin air filter replacement, tire rotation, tire pressure, automotive glass and windshield repair/replacement, coolant and lubricant flushing, brake repair and replacement and more.


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