Lease Return Center

We are your authorized Lease Return Center

Toyota of Lancaster is delighted to assist you with your lease return needs. There are several important points to consider when planning to return your vehicle and our lease return specialist is standing by to review all of your options and provide the steps for dropping off your vehicle.

Did You Know?

Did you know that you might have paid enough payments on your lease term to create equity in the vehicle? What this means is you could possibly exit your current lease terms early and enter into a new purchase or lease? Ask our Lease Return Specialist to provide you with an appraisal on your vehicle and request your total pay off amount.

Items To Bring To Your Lease Return Appointment

All original equipment on the vehicle or inside the vehicle the time of the lease inception, including but not limited to both keys, tool kit, mats, spare tire, owners manual, 3rd row seat, Tonneau cargo cover etc.

Vehicle Inspection

Your vehicle will require a walk-around inspection with you and the Lease Return Specialist. The inspection will include the accounting for the list of accessories and equipment, any damage, verify mileage and note any excessive wear and tear matters such as tires, windshield, body damage, scratches, dents etc.

Contact JOE BOGHOS AT 661-948-0731 to schedule your Lease Return appointment.